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Where can I submit my abstract to this conference?
-Submission method can be found at the conference official website. 

Where can I find the paper template and instructions for authors?

What is the length of Oral Paper Presentation?
– Each Oral Presentation is 10-15 Minutes including 5 minutes for Questions & Discussion.

How do I deliver the file of my oral presentation, for inclusion on the conference room laptop?
-Please come to the session room with your laptop or pen drive containing your presentation file.

Is there a Poster Paper Presentation Session?
-Yes, there are posters paper presentation sessions. These works are also included, as the oral works, in the Conference Proceedings.

What is the poster size?
– The posters must be A0 size, accordingly to the TEMPLATE.

How do I print the poster?
– You must provide your own printout of the poster itself. You are requested to set up your poster in the morning of your assigned session and remove it at the end of the session.

When can I get the receipt of conference registration fees?
– You get the receipt after you’ve completed your registration and payment. At the moment of the registration, you are requested to insert your invoicing/receipt data.

How can I be a member of the Scientific Committee of the conference?
-You have to requested by e-mail to info@cieemat.com . Please send your CV (maximum one A4 page) together with your application.
For being a member of the Scientific Committee, you must chair one of the sessions of the event. There is no fee associated to this membership.

How can I organize a conference in partnership with THEOREM CONFERENCES?
-Prospective conference partner should contact Theorem Conferences on info@theorem-conferences.co.uk with a proposal. If the conference proposal is approved by Theorem Conferences, the partner should provide the title, topics and program committee members of the conference. The partners are exempt from conference fees and there will be a written agreement regulating the partnership.

How can I get an official Invitation Letter for Visa to attend the conference?
-Invitation letters are provided on request by registered authors or other registered participants.
– Official letter of invitation will be provided by e-mail in PDF format.
– Visa process generally takes a month, and the authors should take care of their own applications. The organisation can’t guarantee the potential authors can obtain the VISA, and won’t refund the registration fee after the deadline.

Should I stay at the conference suggested accommodation?
-No. You don’t need to stay at the conference suggested accommodation.
-For proper or cheaper accommodation options, you are free to search hotel booking websites.

Do you arrange accommodation and traveling services for the conference participants?
-No, the delegates should arrange their own accommodation and traveling services.

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